Low Profile / Slimline

The slimline design fits perfectly in a suspended ceiling void, ideal for Offices, Schools, Commercial and Civil applications.

The UNI-HRU range of highly efficient heat recovery units have been designed specifically for the UK market. 

Our UNI-HRU units have airflow rates from 450 to 1600 m³/hour, these compact ceiling mounted heat recovery units can greatly reduce energy losses and room temperature fluctuations caused by the ventilation process.

Temperature exchange efficiency is over 74% and enthalpy exchange efficiency is over 76% making these units ideal for schools, nurseries, commercial buildings, offices and civic buildings. 

Low Noise Our ultra-quiet fans are housed within a double skinned soundproof casing guaranteeing an ultra-quiet operation. 

Flexible Control: The UNI-HRU can be controlled together with other indoor units. The compact design is only 400mm high, meaning it can easily be installed where space is limited. 

Heat Exchange Mode: The flows of incoming and outgoing air pass close to each other, allowing heat transfer between the two channels. During summer, incoming air is cooled by the indoor air being exhausted and in winter, incoming air is warmed. 

Bypass Mode: Supply and exhaust fans run at the same speed. In mild climates, where temperature and humidity differences between indoor and outdoor are small, the UNI-HRU can work as a conventional ventilation fan. 

Air Supply Mode: Supply fan runs faster than exhaust fan. A mode is suitable in mild climate installations with fresh air ventilation requirements. 

Exhaust Mode: Exhaust fan runs faster than the supply fan. A made suitable in mild climate installations with large amounts of exhaust air to be expelled. 

Auto Mode: The controller chooses heat exchange mode or bypass mode according to the temperature difference between outdoors and indoors. Both fans run at low speed.