Attenuators & Acoustic Housing


We manufacture a range of standard & bespoke attenuators to suit individual project requirements

Our friendly & professional manufacturing team are experienced in providing high quality attenuation products to suit clients requirements, within the agreed time frame

Whilst many of the products which go through production within our factory are to ‘industry standard’ being manufactured in circular, rectangular or square format with galvanised steel casings, ‘Mez’ type flanges, perforated plates & ‘bull-noses’, we can manufacture attenuators as being fire rated, from stainless steel materials (grade / finish as required), marine grade aluminium, with welded flanges as & when required

Decorative & protective finishes are also available to suit client requirements

In a similar vein whilst our more standard products include mineral fibre insulation, we can include melinex lining, provide higher density mineral with options for dual density & foam being available to suit   

Attenuators are manufactured to DW144 medium pressure (Class B) classification, construction to suit other pressure classifications are available where required   

With our kitchen ventilation background, we specialise in the manufacture of attenuators for kitchen extract applications, being complete with access doors for cleaning purposes