Duct Work Manufacture

Stacked HVAC Ventilation ductwork

Duct Work Manufacturing

Univent have made continual advances to be amongst the leading manufacturers of ventilation systems in the UK. Our team of specialist ductwork manufacturers have been designing, creating and installing bespoke ductwork installations for our long list of prestigious clients such as Amazon, Norton Motorcycles, Turtle Bay and Morrisons

Ventilation Systems

Our in-house team provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all ventilation equipment & associated services where we can develop client’s initial ideas from the drawing board through to the delivery of a fully functional operational system .

We can guide clients through the extensive range of ventilation equipment and choice of fabricated duct manufactured by Univent.


Univent’s skilled galvanised steel & mild steel factory team includes manufacturers, fabricators and welders with the acquired knowledge & skillsets to enable us to produce high quality works & finishes.

Our made to measure bespoke ductwork can be designed, manufactured and fire-proofed to suit any application, with our project team being able to propose the most appropriate solution for each individual client’s project specific requirements. 

We design manufacture & install galvanised steel & mild steel systems to suit all commercial & industrial applications   

Stainless Steel Ductwork

Where appropriate or required and in instances where galvanised or mild steel ducting could corrode or distort due to extremities of temperature & where corrosive substances are present internally / externally or both, stainless steel ducting generally in grades 304 or 316 (other grades are available for specific requirements & can be offered to suit) offering a cost-effective long-term solution

Our skilled stainless steel factory team includes manufacturers, fabricators and welders with the acquired knowledge & skill sets to enable us to produce high quality works and finishes to suit the most difficult and demanding conditions where stainless steel is required as the manufacturing material of choice

Our made to measure stainless steel bespoke ductwork can be designed and manufactured to suit any application, our project team are able to propose the most appropriate grade type & finish of stainless steel to suit each individual client’s project-specific requirements

Univents highly skilled team have a vast experience of involvement in projects requiring stainless steel ducting solutions.

Our Engineers will attend site to establish client requirements, where we formulate the most effective & appropriate solution to suit the bespoke project.

Welding & fabrication

Each site is equipped with CNC laser cutters, press brakes and folders, MIG and TIG welding machinery which is utilised in-house by our experienced and qualified staff.   This enables us to manufacture circular, square and rectangular stainless steel duct and fabrication.

We use 316 and 304 Stainless steel ductwork with a full range of thicknesses of materials being available to suit each application

Fully welded as & where required

We offer a project-specific fully bespoke service to satisfy any ventilation system requirements. including full design and installation service,