Stainless Steel Kitchen Canopies

Stainless Steel Kitchen Canopies

Univent have been one of the UK’s top ventilation and sheet metal fabrication companies since 2009, We deliver bespoke high-end products to suit any application. An integral part of our product range are our commercial kitchen ventilation canopies. All custom manufactured in-house and fully-bespoke to suit any of our clients requirements.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products as well as our expertise in designing and managing each project from the initial consultation, to the installation and commissioning of each canopy system.


  • Canopies can be extract-only or include supply plenums for fresh air output.
  • Extract spigots can be mounted to the top or rear of the extract plenum.
  • Recessed LED light fittings are provided to give 500 lux at the working surface. 
  • Stainless steel service distribution units for gas and electrical services can be provided in riser and chamber format, complete with access panels.
  • Floor-standing box section framework optional where support is an issue.
  • Stainless steel wall cladding to the rear and sides of all wall type canopies. 
  • Dishwash canopies can be provided as either extraction or condense-only variants.
  • Additional extras include fire suppression systems to the cooking area, gas interlock systems to link the gas supply to fan operation, and odour control units.
  • Univent provides all connecting ductwork and fans required to create a working system. 
  • The supply air can be tempered or untempered, to suit customer requirements.
  • The front of the canopy can be tapered if there are height issues within the kitchen.

Typical Variants


  • All manufactured to DW/172 specification from 1mm 304 grade stainless steel..
  • High efficiency self-draining stainless steel baffle type grease filters.
  • Removable stainless steel grease trays.
  • Perimeter condense channel.
  • Ease of cleaning and servicing.

Warranties & Servicing

All of our canopies come with a 12 month warranty from date of installation. We have nationwide coverage for installation, commissioning and servicing works.

We have our own dedicated service department, including specialist ventilation, electrical and gas engineers to keep your kitchen canopy system up and running.

Application & Installation

Our canopies are designed for use in either light, medium or heavy duty commercial kitchens. We size and design canopies to the layout of the kitchen area and the cooking output of the catering equipment - all to the industry standard DW/172 specification for kitchen ventilation systems.

We have a team of experienced installers, led by our project managers, who ensure that all installations run as smoothly as possible.